Friday, June 19, 2015

G Stands for Go-Betweens: The promotional sampler

To promote the limited-edition Go-Betweens box set G Stands for Go-Betweens: Volume 1, Domino Records issued this promo-only sampler, which is also titled G Stands for Go-Betweens. Even though the box set was a limited edition that has already sold out, this sampler is a manufactured disc, not a CD-R. 

The first 600 people who ordered the box set received books from the late Grant McLennan's library. Music Weird has a list of Grant's books here and a post about some of the box set's still unresolved speed discrepancies here

Today's post is about this promotional sampler, though. Below you'll find the track list as well as scans of the inside of the booklet, the disc, and the back cover. You can listen to the entire sampler on Domino Records' SoundCloud page here

The inside of the booklet says that Robert Forster himself compiled the sampler, so it's interesting to see which songs from the box set he chose to highlight. He included two songs from each of the first three Go-Betweens albums, two songs from the disavowed album Very Quick on the Eye, two songs from non-album singles, a few radio sessions, and a few previously unreleased studio cuts. 

Track list
  1. Cattle and Cane (from Before Hollywood)
  2. Lee Remick (from the Able Label single)
  3. I Need Two Heads (recorded live for Double Jay in 1982; previously unreleased)
  4. Hope (from Very Quick on the Eye)
  5. Bachelor Kisses (from Spring Hill Fair)
  6. 8 Pictures (from Send Me a Lullaby)
  7. Lies (not identified as previously unreleased, but if it was previously released, I don't know where)
  8. Secondhand Furniture (Peel session)
  9. Part Company (from Spring Hill Fair)
  10. Hammer the Hammer (from the Rough Trade single)
  11. The Sound of Rain (from 78 'Til 79: The Lost Album and, before that, from the Japanese 2-CD version of 1978-1990)
  12. One Thing Can Hold Us (recorded live for Double Jay in 1982; previously unreleased)
  13. The Clowns Are in Town (from Very Quick on the Eye)
  14. Hold Your Horses (from Send Me a Lullaby)
  15. As Long as That (from Before Hollywood)
  16. Unkind and Unwise (previously unreleased version)

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